What is the LOcHER Project?


SGUK's Articles

Safety Groups UK have some brilliant documents explaining the project and it's supporters.

LOcHER Resources

We've made some excellent free elearning resources are available form various elearning providers.

Search YouTube

Search though YouTube for some videos and presentations of the LOcHER Project.

LOcHER Free Resources

We recently updated the Locher Project website (this website) to be a little clearer and more straight forward. We used to provide our free resources from a 'LOcHER' branded online training website managed by the resource creators, IBIS Training. We now provide it directly on our and our partners elearning platforms so it's even clearer where your free resources are coming from.

The LOcHER Project Free Resource Courses (specifically LOcHER Project Showcase & LOcHER Project for Colleges) are originally designed and developed by IBIS Training (IBIS Solutions Ltd), and provided on their existing health and safety online training platform free of charge for the community (and of course, you wont receive any marketing about any commercial interests unless you separately opt-in with an enquiry about our other services for example). :)

We develop and maintain the recourse freely from our elearning platform and partner network to contribute to the community's movement to help engage a younger health and safety community.

Note: Existing LOcHER Project Free Resource users can login with their existing login details directly via the IBIS Training website.

Google Search: LOcHER Project Showcase

Find a partner providing the free LOcHER resources.

Google Search: LOcHER Project for Colleges

Find a partner providing the free LOcHER resources.

Thank you, for being involved.